Sinking City #8

issue 8: spring 2020

Letter From the Editor(s)

Maeve Holler & Clayre Benzadón

"Two If By Sea" by Christopher Woods
"Two If By Sea" by Christopher Woods, 2020.


It Really Came Down
David Kunkel
Un Rêve
Amílcar Peter Sanatan
Jacob Nantz
Ode to Sofa
Jenica Lodde
Two Poems
Daniel Romo
The Valley of the Latte
Danielle P. Williams
Out of Reach
Jesica Davis
The Demise of
the Starry Sky

Yan An co-translated by Chen Du and Xisheng Chen
Two Poems
Clair Dunlap


Bears Always Find the First Star of the Night
Eisuke Aikawa
translated by Toshiya Kamei
Old Friends
Daniel Elfanbaum


The Forests I Have Lost
Theophilus Kwek
Keep Goin'
Myliyah Hanna