Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

Thank you for your patience. We have stepped towards expanding the magazine, but that has come with its challenges. I am happy to say that our team now includes a group of undergraduate interns who have brought their energy, excitement, and perspective to the difficult selection process. With them, our team has had the pleasure of conversing over and savoring every piece sent our way. Our small editorial team has been managing whirlwind changes, but we are here now, with an issue featuring brilliant fiction, poetry, and visual art.

The previous editor, Megan Ritchie, hoped that Sinking City would ‘remain true to the many universes it holds’. I am happy to say that this continues to be the case in this issue. Be it the magical universe of sleeping boys in “Beauties, Awake” by Joe Baumann, or the shifting universe of “memory ubique” containing objects of fascination like ‘rope of moon and stars’. The pieces in this issue are thrumming with electric imagery.

Beauty-despite being an overused word, is most apt here in all its weirdness-appears everywhere in this issue. It appears in the snapshots flowing backwards in Gabrielle Griffis’ “Gala”. It stills around a moment brought to life by the whistling of Train no. 12424 in “The Train” by Pragjyotish Gogoi.  It takes the shape of a ‘hexagon formed by the heat of a bee’s body’ in Benjamin Bellas’ strongly voiced poem. We hope you will find yourself pulled into these and more universes as much as we did.

Thank you for joining us.


Swetha Siva