Sinking City #10

issue 10: spring 2021

Letter From the Editor

Clayre Benzadón and Amanda Lamadrid

"Ink (Naani)" by Sara Florian, 2021.

Sara Florian was born near Venice, in Italy, but she lives in Singapore. She likes to narrate the lesser heard stories and to contemplate alternative points of view. She likes to paint, too. She achieved a Ph.D. in Modern Philology in Italy and in the same year she completed a post-doc in Singapore. Sara’s reviews, essays, poems and short stories have been published in World Literature Today , The Sunday Gleaner , The Jamaica Observer , The Sunday Observer , Small Axe/sx salon , Caribbean Quarterly , Tripwire , Moko – Caribbean Arts and Letters . She is the author of a novel titled Luce / Light (2010; 2014) and of Caribbean Counterpoint (2019).


The Jellyfish
Anna Attie
Not Beautiful Birds
DS Maolalai
Celina McManus


Fair Game
Brian McVety
The Firemonger
Molly Montgomery
The Gnome
M. Shaw
The Inheritance
Marlene Olin

Flash Fiction & Hybrid

A Compost Manifesto
Dot Armstrong
Sock and Buskin
Steven Bergmark
Smell a Rat
Kate Maxwell