Sinking City #11

issue 11: fall 2021

Letter From the Editor

Amanda Lamadrid

"Topography of a Torso" by Adriana Lamadrid 2020

Adriana Lamadrid is a South Florida artist of Cuban descent. Her artistic interests lie in anything experimental - the stranger, the better. She is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree at the University of North Florida. The above painting, inspired by the changes many bodies underwent during the pandemic, seeks to explore the connection between the outer and inner worlds of women. 


las aguas
D. Rodriguez


Bahía Solano
Benjamin Faro
For Fear
E. Bowers
Shiksha Dheda


The Last
Brittney Corrigan
Cowabunga Sunset
Ross West
Nina Semczuk
Down By The Water
Naomie C. Monexe