Sinking City #13 REAL

issue 13: winter/spring 2023

Letter From the Editors

Megan Ritchie

Ugly Duck by Ronald Walker


 “Ugly Duck” by Ronald Walker

Ronald Walker is an artist living in the Sacramento area of California. He works in a style which he calls “Suburban Primitive.” This style explores his interest in the origins and functions of art along with life in the suburbs. His work has been shown in more than 50 solo exhibits and he holds both a MFA and a MA degree in painting.


The Patch
William Andrews
Fossil Fuel
Duncan Rivers
Murk & Spray
Jamie Benner


Te Quiero
Laine Derr
Boy In the Bubble
Olumide Manuel
Trafic Lights
Roxana Cazanz
Grace Hopps
in the art gallery
Jiahui Wu
Rules of the Road
Joanna Acevedo
Jessica Mehta
Ghost Towns
Rita Anderson


“Abstract Portrait” by Hanna Wright


“Abstract Portrait” by Hanna Wright

Hanna Marie Dean Wright is a self-taught folk artist residing in Keavy, Kentucky. She uses her experiences from growing up in rural South-Eastern Kentucky, teaching special education classes, and living with obsessive compulsive disorder to inspire her unique works of art. Hanna Wright uses bold lines and bright colors to create abstract figures with relatable and at times deeply emotional expressions. Hanna was born in Barbourville, Kenucky on April 15th, 1993. Hanna graduated from the University of the Cumberlands in 2015 with degrees in Special Education Behavioral Disabilities and Elementary Education.

“Christmas Tree” by Josephine Florens


 “Christmas Tree” by Josephine Florens

Josephine Florens is a professional oil painter born in Odessam, Ukraine. She graduated from the Odessa National Academy of Law, receiving a master’s degree in civil law, as well as Odessa International Humanitarian, receiving a master’s degree in international law. She studied individually at the Art-Ra school of painting. She is a member of the National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine, the Odessa Marine Union, Ukraine, and the Union of World’s Poets and Writers. She calls her painting style “modern vintage.” She lives in Bad Grönenbach, Germany, as there is a war going on in Ukraine. Website: