THINGS HAVE CHANGED by Lorie Matejowsky

Never forget that you are making the

news now. With superb optimism


unfollow everyone on Facebook.

Only check Twitter twice a week.


Say you’re sorry but not with sarcasm.

At first it will feel like your head


can’t hold it all. There is no harm

in drawing inspiration from the fowl


that come in cold weather. They fall

from the sky and build nests in the


pond’s muddy middle. Keep your head

underwater all hours. Inhale as many


insects and invertebrates as necessary.

This method is certainly one of the best


ways to broadcast your thoughts. Let

the longleaf pine send them to a satellite.


Maybe a crane can pull the words from

her plumage. Enter all your anger on


your arms in blacks like ravens’ bills.

Which ink would look best on Instagram?


A great many books have been published

that will never see the light of day.


They are resting unread on silent shelves

in Archer City, Texas. No one needs a


narrator like you anymore.

Lorie Matejowsky is a resident of Central Florida but spent her first thirty years in Texas. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Rattle, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Rust + Moth, Rise Up Review, Poydras Review, Mothers Always Write and Texas Poetry Calendar. She is currently a student in the MFA in Creative Writing program at University of Central Florida. Her poetic work is deeply informed by the South, especially its Gulf Coast, and narratives of feminine identity and faith. You can find her on twitter at @LorieMatejowsky.